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Character: Meria
Game: Knights in the Nightmare
Age: 20
Mun’s Journal: [livejournal.com profile] feral_phoenix

Canon Role: In the canon storyline of Knights in the Nightmare, Meria does not appear at all; Melissa is her counterpart in Maria’s story.

But in her own route, Meria takes Maria’s place as the main character, and Marietta takes Melissa’s role. So things play out similarly… yet not. Because while Maria is a justicetard trying to make everything go back to normal, Meria is… well, kind of an antiheroic sociopath. So instead of gathering the Wisp and the dead knights to save the kingdom… she does it to clear the demons out, because they’re getting in her way when she just wants the room to blow Asgard up.


Eventually, Meria succeeds, destroying and absorbing Marietta and Zolganarc both… and rains death and destruction on Asgard.

Apocrypha Backstory: Meria is the youngest daughter of a respected and influential family in Asgard; she, like her sister Maria, was born without wings, which made a lot of people look askance at her. But while Maria dealt with those looks and their overbearing older sisters in fortitude, Meria took the opposite route, perversely going out of her way to attract as much negative attention as possible. When she was a child, Maria (who she didn’t get along with at all) and Nessiah were the only people she seemed to like to associate with.

Much like Maria, Meria eventually got fed up with her life in Asgard and left, venturing to and exploring mortal worlds. She doesn’t talk about those times or mention whether she ever saw her sister during them—she usually smiles in a way that deters all conversation. She did return to Asgard every now and again just to annoy her family, however; it was on one of those returns (the most boring, in Meria’s opinion—Maria wasn’t there to pester, and for some reason Nessiah wasn’t either) that her family finally got tired and shipped her off to Apocrypha to keep her away from them.

Oh, well. At least it might be interesting, right?

Meria is declared to Gladiara, of course.

Sample Post: Meria threw her bags onto the mattress and looked around.

The room was pretty small. Bigger than some places she’d stayed, but still. There was room on one side for her armor and weapons, a chest of drawers and mirror, and then a desk on the side with her bed. The windows were narrow and shuttered. There wasn’t much that she could do to amuse herself.

But then, the practice grounds were available all day, and new sets of dummies made every morning.

Meria shrugged, smirked, and flopped onto the bed to follow her bags. At least there was no way it could be as boring here as it was in Asgard.


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