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Jan. 4th, 2010 10:31 am
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Characters: Meria
Setting: Meria's dorm room.
Content: The party's over.
Warnings: Probably nothing.

Meria lay sprawled out across the mattress, staring up at the ceiling.

"...I'm tired."

She had no idea what time it was--the curtains were drawn, but there seemed to be light on the other side of them. She was probably missing class by now, or something. Still, what was the point in going now? She didn't want people to see her like this, and it's not like she'd be able to concentrate on all that boring class crap later.

Ledah could take care of himself for today. Nessiah would be fine without her for twenty-four hours, too.

"..." She rolled over, tangled in her sheets and her hair, needing to hide her face. "...I must be stupid."

...Really, really stupid. This kind of outcome was inevitable, and she'd known it from the start. She couldn't sulk over it forever.

She just needed--some time. Time to get used to it. Time to give herself some closure, or the chance to fake it.

That guy'd probably make fun of her later if she couldn't pull herself together now. She laughed. The sound was a little too thick, and didn't feel genuine.

...Yeah. She was probably stupid.

"That was a cheap shot, you moron. Idiot demon. Idiot Fell," she repeated.

...she had to get used to that now. Some part of her was perversely glad that she had a particular name to use in oaths, but gods damn if the practicalities didn't piss her off: she couldn't use his name in front of other people; it had to stay between the two of them if their half-assed plan was going to work out.

She laughed again, and punched the mattress.

"...When I find him, I'm gonna kick his sorry disembodied ass."


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