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Dec. 23rd, 2009 11:52 am
igotsdakka: (きみが好きだよまだ愛しいよ)
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Characters: Meria, Fia (and the demon)
Setting: Meria's dorm room.
Content: Meria and the demon, on their first and only date, decide to cut to the chase and make with the sexy business. LET'S SEE HOW FAR THEY GET BEFORE FIA CRIES UNCLE?
Warnings: Girls (or a girl and a guy in a girl's body) fooling around. Depending on what happens, this is probably going to end up not quite worksafe?

Her room wasn't all that much to look at, really. It was where she threw her things, and where she slept; it only really had what she needed in it. At least she'd bothered to pick the clothes up off the floor so that the place wasn't overly sloppy. She doubted the demon would care what things looked like, but it would only bother Fia more if the place were a pigsty, and they were nudging her out of her comfort zone with this already.

Without ceremony, Meria sat down on the edge of her bed and crossed her legs, smiling and arching one eyebrow. She wanted, wanted, wanted to have and be had, but what she was going to get would be out of her control. All of this was happening on stolen time, so she needed to be grateful.

(She had to remind herself of this again, because the walk here had made her tense with want, and whatever the hell was going to happen, she was already so goddamn hot for it.)
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