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Full Name: Meria
Age: 20 21
Sex: Female
Height: Five feet, eleven inches
Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood Type: O
Body Type: A bit too muscular to be called willowy, but. tall.
Race: Astarte (angel)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Date of Birth: June 2

~outer personality~
facades – Meria almost always acts as though she doesn’t have a care in the world other than looking after herself. She gives every effort to seem the cool, aloof, crass and uncaring older girl—when things hurt her, disturb her, or embarrass her, she’d rather lay on the bravado and wisecrack through her troubles than show what she’s really feeling.
body language – She definitely enjoys using her height to her advantage, especially as most of her favorite shoes have at least an inch of heel. She also doesn’t hesitate to stare people straight in the eye, only averting her gaze if she’s facing away completely. She likes to make big gestures, and loves the classic hair toss. When restless in class, she tends to fidget a little, but she’s got too much composure for that in other circumstances.
demeanor – Meria gives off a strong impression of being in control of both herself and the situation, and can be a little intimidating to the meek. She doesn’t mind being seen as crude, and will swear like she’s got Tourettes if angered (or sleepy), and has full command of the skill Murderous Intent (if you feel hers, start running). Overall, she tends to seem likable enough for a troublemaker.
sense of humor – Yes, Meria is one of those girls who’s quicker to laugh at you than with you or make slightly perverse cracks at the given situation. She enjoys teasing, and although she won’t apologize for going too far in a joke, she will ease up. She enjoys dry and sarcastic humor, and would be quite the troll on the Internets if she were allowed near them.
flaws – Meria is quite blunt and unapologetic, and often comes off as incredibly abrasive to others. She’s fully aware that she can be offensive and rude, and doesn’t appear to care one whit. Her stubbornness and pride can cut her off at the knees or estrange her from others easily.
strengths – She’s still very vibrant, though, and her air of having seen and understood the world can be alluring. She also refuses to back down from any challenge, and ferocity and vive can be entrancing. Also, as her close friends know, she’ll never betray them or allow any harm to come to them.
voice – Meria has a slightly deep alto voice that can at times seem rough. She rarely uses the formal tense, and is perfectly happy to use really insulting terms for people she doesn’t like, but her standard pronoun of choice for herself is “atashi”. Normally, she uses the basic informal tense, but occasionally she’ll drop the tic “ze” or “zo” at the end of a sentence she’s tossing out brashly or flippantly. [English voice clip download]* [Japanese voice clip download]**

~inner personality~
likes and dislikes – Meria haet Marietta. And her parents, and just about everything concerning where she comes from. She can’t stand Asgard, and she thinks the way the gods and the Magi handle things is the most retarded system in the history of ~EVER~. Her relationship with her other sisters Melissa and Maria is pretty love-hate, too, although that’s actually rather normal. She likes being able to do whatever she wants, and being accepted without question for who she really is. She also has a thing for adrenaline rushes, and anything that makes her feel alive. She really likes spending time with her comrades and friends.
dreams – Meria doesn’t really have any—beyond proving that she has worth as a person with her own individual identity. She’ll worry about what she wants to do with herself in the future once she finds her place in the world.
flaws – She’s incredibly impulsive and can be really arrogant. That, and she’s secretly got a massive inferiority complex. She’s fixated on beating Marietta by any means possible, and has trouble letting people see her in any moment of weakness, which means that when she needs support she usually doesn’t get it. And she pushes herself far too hard.
mental intelligence – Meria is quite intelligent and has that particular knack for thinking under stress that makes her a good mercenary. Unfortunately, she’s completely LAZY, so if not for her good test scores she’s be borderline failing school. She’d get good grades if she bothered to apply herself, but she doesn’t. She’s more concerned with enjoying herself—after all, school was never her idea in the first place.
strengths – Despite the fact that her “LIMITS? WHAT LIMITS?” philosophy can get her hurt or sick, the inability to give up is also a good trait. And when she cares about something, no one cares more. Meria is incredibly stubborn when it comes to things she wants or cares about, despite her otherwise whimsical nature. She’s talented when it comes to combat, and can be a quick thinker outside it. She’s also unwaveringly loyal to those she decides to stand by, and will protect an ally or friend with her life if need be.
love – To Meria’s knowledge, she’s never been in it. She’s been close once or twice, but every long-standing sexual relationship she’s ever been in has ended abruptly—ever since her first lover, a human woman she met during a campaign on a mortal world, was killed in battle. Romantic love is one of those hazy, undefined, and possibly unattainable concepts in Meria’s worldview. Familial love is much the same, although she understands the “love without affection” she feels for Melissa and Maria. Love between friends (camaraderie) is very important to her.
sexuality – Meria’s views on sexuality are very, very open—her body is hers to do with as she pleases, and her perception of sex is somewhere between “pleasurable and fun thing to do with someone you like” and “basic biological need”. She doesn’t think that love is necessary, but forcing someone against their will is unthinkable to her (more so since the fiasco with Nessiah). She only ever takes one sexual partner at a time; gender doesn’t matter to her, but she’s not quite at the “anything that moves” point. She has had a LOT of experience, and tends to be very dominant in bed—and because of this, she’s had a lot of harassment to the effect that she’s “no better than a common harlot”, which has become kind of a sore point. She doesn’t see how having had many sexual partners in the past automatically makes her morally loose or implies that she goes behind her lovers’ backs (or wouldn’t care if she herself got cheated on). Any implications that people might think that of her make her very angry.

~effects on personality~
history – Loath as she would be to admit it, a lot of the way Meria acts and how she views the world around her has been affected by her experiences in Asgard and on various human worlds. Since she was seen as defective for not having wings, she experienced a lot of discrimination and has grown to really hate everything that Asgard stands for, and she doesn’t think much of the system as run by demons either. If she were more self-righteous she’d want to rip the system apart with her own hands, but she’s more interested in getting herself personally out from under its thumb, and maybe going back for a friend or two.
other people – Still, Meria’s behavior wouldn’t be nearly as pronounced as it actually is without Maria’s influence. Maria experienced much of the same discrimination her twin did, but she still struggled to meet people’s exceptions nevertheless and be a good, dutiful daughter to their house. All she really accomplished, especially in Meria’s eyes, was to wear herself down struggling under it all and get quiet, tired, and sad. Rather than let that happen to her—and just to do it because Maria wouldn’t—Meria never tried to meet others’ expectations for her at all, and perversely headed as far in the other direction as possible. She acted as rude, crass, anti-establishment, and rebellious as she possibly could, and did everything good girls wouldn’t. It probably helped that her measure of “good girl” was Marietta, who took outrageous offense at her; this would be where their enmity comes from. Meria started doing everything Marietta wouldn’t or didn’t believe in solely for the sake of pissing her off. It did. Even more than this, though, Meria’s behavior serves as a device she uses to push people like Marietta away—if people can’t accept her when she’s at her absolute worst, she doesn’t want to be near them. She learned more about life, death, and sex from humans on her journeys through human worlds, and has come to think that her “place” in the world will definitely be with humans. As a side note, her experiences with humans (and her many dead human lovers) have also given her a subconscious resistance to letting others know she’s romantically/sexually serious about them.
health – Meria’s body is incomplete and in many ways incompatible with her own angelic power—it’s not a matter of simply her not having wings, but that she never had them; the same birth defect caused many other problems that aren’t apparent on the surface. Meria is strong, but she has very little stamina, and she can injure herself badly simply by going full-out against an opponent and using more than a certain allotted amount of her power. This has happened before, and Meria has wound up hospitalized in severely weakened condition several times over the course of her life. If she does this too many times, she may wind up permanently incapacitated or otherwise ruin her body; as she despises her own weakness, she tries to keep this a secret from other people. She will not, however, mind her own limits, so she runs the risk of real health problems.

compulsive behavior – Her overall demeanor itself—Meria has acted this way for so long that it’s become kind of an automatic defense mechanism. Somewhat more comedically, she claims that concentrating too hard on homework for too long gives her an insatiable need to destroy things, and balance out her brief submission to order by creating more chaos.
obsessions – She must defeat Marietta no matter what. No exceptions! Also her destruction fixation—she claims it to be the best form of emotional release in the world, even better than sex. (From her, this probably has merit…) If one of her friends is in trouble, she also tends to get a little overly concerned with their well-being.
cravings – Sex, destruction, blackberries, sex, dark chocolate, sex, and also sex. If asked, she’ll retort defensively that orgasm is a basic human need, and it’s much more fun with someone else than by yourself. Besides, that way you don’t run half the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome! (But it’s nice that she’s so up-front about her healthy sex drive!) More seriously, though, she wants to be accepted and loved for who she is, and she’d be scared to death of that acceptance (or the people involved) disappearing.
temper – Horrible. The slightest provocation is an excuse for an outburst of profanity that would shock someone with the most clichéd case of Tourettes. She likes solving her problems with her fists—or better, her sword—and will fly off the handle if given so much as half an excuse to. And if you think she ignores her unstable body composition ordinarily, she just about forgets it completely when she’s angry. (She’s also capable of some pretty horrifically cruel things when angered by someone she hates. And she’ll laugh her ass off at them when they react in shock or despair.)
creativity – She’s a quick thinker and adventurous in terms of battle (and, well, sex), but she’s never bothered trying to pick up drawing or writing or playing music. She could probably sing okay if she wanted to, and there were a couple of years’ worth of flute lessons when she was little, but…
fears – Abandonment. She’s terrified of being completely alone in the world, and just can’t handle betrayals—they’re the one thing that really shakes her cheerfully crazy façade. That’s another reason she acts the way she does—if people can’t handle her worst from the beginning, then they won’t stick around only to leave her once they find out something they don’t like. She’s also scared of never finding a place where she can really belong while being herself. ………She also has a strange, rather irrational suspicion of the number fourteen, but she keeps that one under wraps.

*Ripped from the game, gotten at that LCN place
**Forthcoming; personal recordings


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